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Dallas Gurkhas FC Logo

Dallas Gurkhas FC Logo

Dallas Gurkhas Football Club is an established sports club based in Dallas, Texas of United States of America. The club embraces a wider population of Nepali origin currently residing in USA including non-resident Nepali and international friends of Nepal. Since the foundation of club in 2009 as a registered football club by young Nepalis bound together through their enthusiasm and passion for football, Dallas Gurkhas has grown steadily as a leading football club among the Nepali community. Not only has Dallas Gurkhas caught the attention of those who love and share the common interest, love, and passion for football, it has also involved the Nepalis from different generations who value the Nepali culture. The club was originally established by a group of enthusiastic young Nepalis living in Dallas, Texas with visions of providing an open platform in sports for interested individuals of the community, developing sports and organizing community service works targeting the Nepali community and most importantly, sharing the brotherhood. The club is functioning from its members who are also the owners of the club. Since its establishment, the club has been organizing different sports related activities and also partners with various organizations, to organize different social and educational activities. Nevertheless, the club is more recognized as one of the leading Nepali football teams in the United States. The Club has delivered a sturdy flow of qualitative performances in local metropolitan soccer leagues and in Association of Nepalese in America’s (ANA) soccer tournaments since its establishment. Dallas Gurkhas has fans and supporters from around the world, which signifies the wonderful unity of the club as well as the values it represents.

Dallas Gurkhas is more than a football club. It is an open, integrating and caring sports club that represents youths as well as the social development in the local community. Dallas Gurkhas partners with many local and some international organizations, clubs, and societies as vital supporters in fulfilling its mission. The project it collaborates can be related to sports, physical activities, health and education, arts and culture, and youth leadership and involvement in the community. The club is recently expanding its vision in the development of football in Nepal from substructure level focusing on underserved region.

As a representation of different aspects of the society that Dallas Gurkhas Football Club embodies, the logo of the club embraces several different aspects each of them with their own unique significances. The club logo is a trophy shaped structure that includes a pair of khukuri crossed over underneath a football on a red and white striped background and number 09 right below the khukuri crossover. On top and bottom are the “Dallas” and “Gurkhas” respectively along with blue ribbon on the bottom. Color Red of the background represents the Rhododendron, which is Nepal’s national flower. Red is also the sign of victory and bravery. The blue ribbon signifies peace and harmony; the white border represents youth, simplicity and goodwill. The two white stripes from the background bring together fans from homeland Gurkha (Nepal) and hometown Dallas in a united brotherhood. The football (soccer ball) represents the basis on which the club was founded. Khukuri “National Knife”, also called a Gurkha Knife, shows the heroism of the club’s members, and the number 09 is the indication of the club establishment in the year 2009.
Fun & Action

Health, Fitness and Wellness is what Dallas Gurkhas put forward in the sports ground. Community participations, leadership skills, and persona expansion are what we discover outside the sports ground as being a part of the family. Besides Soccer, Dallas Gurkhas also participate in various other sports like volleyball, cricket, and so on that help you to increase your skills and knowledge in sports. Has no proficiency or practice, no worries; Dallas Gurkhas is an accurate platform to grow up. All levels of ability are welcome!